Thursday, July 12, 2012

Classroom Rules and a FREEBIE!

A couple of years ago while searching for ways to increase that buzz phrase "active cognitive engagement", I stumbled upon a website called Whole Brain Teaching.  I decided to implement the strategies in my class the next day and from then on I was hooked.  If you have not heard of WBT and you're interested in an effective approach to classroom management, then you should check out their website.  Just click here.  There are also tons of videos on youtube that show teachers implementing these strategies in their classroom.  If you're a visual learner like myself, it definitely helps to see it in action.  Let's just say that WBT has completely transformed the way I manage my class.

If you visit the website you'll see where they list their five classroom rules.  The rules I use differ slightly than the rules on the site.  I have adapted mine to closer match some of the youtube videos.  Check out the video below to see WBT in action!

Last year I used 5 rules, however, I am adding an additional rule this year.  My six class rules are as follows:

Rule #1 - Listen when your teacher is talking.
Rule #2 - Follow directions quickly.
Rule #3 - Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
Rule #4 - Respect others, respect yourself and respect your school.
Rule #5 - Be safe, be honest.
Rule #6 - Keep your teacher happy.

My personal favorite is the last rule.  There is no debate on whether or not that rule was broken because YOU are the only person who decides when YOU are happy!  I have used that rule the last two years and I love it!  

I will post more on other WBT strategies (Teach-Okay, Class-Yes, Class Scoreboard, etc.) in later posts.  If you're wondering what happens when students are not following these rules then check back next week for a post on my behavior management system!  Here's your freebie for tonight.  It's a "Think Sheet" for students to fill out when they need a moment to refocus.  I primarily used this with my first graders but it could be adapted to fit both younger and older grades.  Click the image to grab it! Enjoy! 

Font and graphics are courtesy of DJ Inkers.

I have also posted several new packets in my TPT store.  My new Polka Dot Classroom Pack as well as my Under the Sea: Classroom Rules have both been added.  Check them out!

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