Thursday, August 16, 2012

Look What I Found!!

I am so excited about my TPT purchases that I snagged during the Back-to-School sale earlier this week!  There are so many amazing teachers out there and I am so thankful that we have the technology and the resources to be able to share and collaborate with one another.  Take a look at what I found...


I am a huge fan of Kim Adsit.  If you have not had a chance to read her and her daughter Megan's blog then you should really set aside some time to do that.  She has a wealth of knowledge and shares some great ideas on increasing the rigor in your classroom.  I can't wait to start implementing Reader's Workshop this year with the help of her units in addition to Growing Readers and Reading with Meaning.  I also grabbed her new number sense packet.  I am always looking for ways to better teach number sense to my kiddos so this packet will come in handy.  Although Texas is one of very few states that has not moved to the Common Core, our new math standards that will be released next year are very similar to Common Core.  This unit will be especially helpful in addressing those standards in the future.

I am also a fan of Kathleen over at Growing Kinders.  I feel like I have learned so much from these incredible teachers I've never met!  I also purchased her portfolio packet during the TPT sale and I am eager to start using them in my room.  If you're looking for a great way to document student progress throughout the year then this packet is for you!

If you are interested in purchasing any of these units then click the image to view each item on TPT.

Today was our first official day back.  We will be in Staff Development again tomorrow and then all of next week.  I am finishing up my Ocean Binder and Jungle Binder packets and hope to have those posted soon.  I will also be posting more classroom pictures after Meet the Teacher next week.  

Have a fabulous Friday!!


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  2. I just found your blog through the linky. It's so cute and I just became your newest follower! :)

    Congrats on your back to school purchases. I love shopping!


  3. Oh no Cathy! I'll get that fixed!