Thursday, August 23, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday!

Today is all about how I relax and unwind after a long week at work.  Truth is, I'm not very good at relaxing.  I just don't like the feeling of doing "nothing".  I have never been a fan of the beach or other places people usually associate with relaxation.  Perhaps that's because every family vacation I've ever taken has been to Disney World.  That's right...once when I was 8 then once a year when I turned 12.  When I was in high school we started going twice a year, at Christmas and during the summer.  I have missed a few trips since getting married but it has to be getting close to 30.  I love it there.  My dad plans every minute of our trip and to most people it is anything but relaxing, just ask some of the families we've drug along in the past.  Who have yet to come on a return trip with us by the way.  I wonder why?  This is the kind of vacation I am familiar with so it's really hard for me to lay on a beach all day and do "nothing."

I relax more by "doing" things, like shopping, for example.  I love to shop!  I have gotten much better about spending since I met my husband.  I've also gotten much better at looking and waiting for a good deal.  But when I've had a hard day and want to relax, I usually go for some retail therapy.

I also love spending time with my family and friends.  If I'm stressed all I need is a good group text conversation or some time with my sweet Parker.

What do you do to unwind after a long day at work?

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  1. I love spending time with my own kiddos too. It always helps to put things into perspective. Love that time.
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