Saturday, September 8, 2012

Actively Monitor

Today we're going to focus on the next letter of our acronym....Actively Monitor.  This one is pretty self-explanatory but it really just means no seat teaching.

We need to be up, circulating and engaging with our kids.  When we send our kids to work in centers or on individual work, that's not our time to be checking email or stuffing folders.  It's our time to be questioning and challenging our kids on their thinking.

This part of the acronym really touches a part of all the others.  If we're not actively monitoring we probably aren't using student's names nearly as much as we should.  If we aren't monitoring we probably aren't teaching bell to bell or asking our kids to justify their thinking as much as we should.

It's more than just being up out of your seat though.  I can be walking around by room "monitoring" my kids while they work.  But I feel if we don't engage with our kids as we're circulating then we are completely missing the point of this strategy.

I'll be back tomorrow with our final strategy Meaningful Bellringer.

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