Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Week Recap!

I welcomed 17 bright, smiling faces into my room last Monday for the first day of school.  To say I am madly in love with these littles would be a HUGE understatement.  I have said to anybody who will listen this past week that these babes are so smart and we are going to be able to take them so far this year.

We focused a lot this week on routines and procedures along with building our school family.  We started off the week by reading "The Day a Monster Came to School".  We used Kathleen's monster expectations packet to review above, below and bottom line behavior.  Click the image below to check it out.

We then discussed our classroom rules and learned the motions that go along with each of them.  I wish you could see these sweeties reciting the rules and doing the motions because it's just adorable.  Especially my cutie that always says "Follow directions fastly" instead of "Follow directions quickly".  We also implemented some whole brain teaching call and response strategies and they are really catching on pretty well.  My class rules posters are free in my TPT store just click the image to grab a copy!

Our focus this week for word study has been on reading and writing our names.  I'll have to snap pictures of the finished projects and share with you later this week.  All of our activities came from Deanna Jump's Literacy and Math Fun with Names packet.  Click the image to check it out in her TPT store.

During our math block we have been working on sorting.  Our focus has been on sorting by color but I love making my littles really stretch their thinking.  During their exploration time with the math manipulatives, I circulated and stopped to question them about how they were sorting.  Most of them were sorting by color because that has been our focus but I challenged them to find another way to sort their objects.  I was so happy when some of my littles realized they could sort their 3D shapes by those that roll and those that do not roll.

We also started our math journals this week.  I cannot wait to read back over these in the Spring and see just how much they have grown.  I am using a mix of  Mrs. Wills and Deanna Jump's journal prompts.  It just really depends on our curriculum and the skills that need to be addressed.  You can find them by clicking here and here.  I am currently using these during our critical thinking time in the afternoon but will probably move them to another point in our day as this time becomes more devoted to Marcy Cook activities.  If you read  my Must-Have Monday post you know that I am obsessed with Marcy Cook books.

I'll be back later this week with lots of pictures of our learning.  Have a great week!

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