Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meaningful Bellringer

The last strategy in our STAAR acronym is Meaningful Bellringer.  Bellringer is what some of you may know as "morning work."  It's what your students are doing in between the time you pick them up and when you start teaching.  This time frame is typically 10-15 minutes.

It's important that what our students are doing during this time is meaningful because it sets the tone for their instructional day.  The students could be working on an extension of something they learned the day before or some other form of spiraling skills.  We want to stay away from low level worksheets or "busy work".  It's not important that they finish the activity, we don't expect them to.  We just want them to be engaged in high-level material from the moment they walk in our room.  Marcy Cook has some wonderful resources that are perfect for bell work activities.

Teachers often struggle with coming up with "meaningful" activities.  We have to ask ourselves, "What kind of expectation is this setting for our instructional day?".  If it's not's not meaningful.

Are you an All- STAAR teacher?  I hope you learned something over the last week that challenged or inspired you!

I plan to start doing peek-at-my-week's in the near future!  Check back to see all the wonderful learning that's happening in our room!

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