Sunday, November 18, 2012

Oh My Gobble!

Is it really the week of Thanksgiving!?  This month has flown by!  Here are some of the fun turkey-themed activities we've been working on this week.

The kids are sorting the cards by the number of syllables during Work on Words.  They then sort the pictures in their flip book.  I didn't snap any pictures of that but it looks like this...

In this game students are working to be able to identify which set has more/less.  They choose a set of cards, either pilgrims or Indians and their partner uses the other.  They each turn over a card and create that set on their mat.  They will show their number as well as their partner's number using snap cubes.  One of the students then spins a spinner.  If it lands on more, the person who had the larger number keeps the cards.  If it lands on less, the person with the smallest number keeps the cards.  The person with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Students practice adding fluently within 5 in this game.  Each student gets 5 turkeys, a sorting mat and a recording sheet.  They place the turkeys, however they like, in either the barn or the hay.  They then record their number sentence on their recording sheet.

Students practice instant recognition of dice configurations while playing playing Roll a Turkey.  Their turkeys have all turned out super cute and very different....I love that!

Students work on number recognition while playing Roll and Cover Up.

After reading The Legend of the Bluebonnet, students wrote about things that they would sacrifice just like the girl in the story sacrificed her doll.

I would sacrifice my DS.

I would sacrifice my iPod.

All of these activities can be found in my Thanksgiving pack on TPT.  Click on the image below to check it out!

We only have 2 days this week!  I am so ready for a break and  to be able to spend time with my family.  What are your plans for Thanksgiving??

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