Saturday, March 2, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Centers

Here's a peek at our St. Patrick's Day Centers.  It's crazy to think we are one week away from Spring Break!  This year (especially this spring semester) is just flying by!

In this station, the kids are sorting by initial s-blends (sm, sn, st, and sk).  They place the gold coin in the correct pot and record the word on their recording sheet.

Here the kids are unscrambling the sight word., writing it on their recording sheet and coloring the shamrock to match.

In this stations, the kids are drawing a card a reading the picture.  They then have to record the digraph (ch, sh, th or wh) in the box and color the bear to match.

Here the kids are working on matching rhyming words.  They have to math the rainbow to the rhyming pot of gold and record the words on their recording sheet.

In this station, the kids draw a card and read the picture.  They determine the final sound of the word, record that letter in the pot and color the rainbow to match.

In this station the kids are working on sounding out and spelling CVC words.  They draw a card and read the picture.  They then use the letter tiles to spell the word and record it on their recording sheet.

In this game, the students draw a leprechaun card with a number on it.  They then split that number of gold pieces between two pots.  They record yes or no (Is it a fair share?) and color the leprechaun to match.

In this station, the students draw a shamrock card and count the number of stickers.  They then roll a dice and subtract that number.  Their number sentence is written on the recording sheet and they color the shamrock to match.

We worked on graphing last week and some of my sweeties were still having a hard time answering, "How many more does ____ have than ____?"  So hopefully this game will help.  In this station, they draw a pot with two towers of gold coins.  They have to determine how many more the largest tower has than the smallest tower.  They record this number in the box and color the pot to match.  (Note: After I snapped this picture I realized this little friend had miscounted on this one....oops!  Didn't get a chance to snap another one after she fixed it!)

In this game, the kids are practicing "counting on" from a given number.  They have the first part of the addition sentence given to them.  They have to draw a card and add on that number of shamrocks.  They complete the number sentence and color the shamrock to match.

If you're interested in any of these stations that are available in my St. Patrick's Day Packet O'Centers on TPT!  Click the image below to check it out!

For those of you who are in Texas, I am working on a Texas packet that should be finished sometime today or tomorrow!  Enjoy your weekend!

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