Saturday, November 16, 2013

Test...Test...Is this thing on!?

I might be the worst blogger in the history of teacher bloggers!  Ok maybe not the worst....but I feel like I have to be in the running!  I can't even begin to explain the craziness that has happened since my last post.  October was a complete whirlwind for me....I had 3 packets in the works and none of them got finished....not a single one!  Do you ever feel like you're in survival mode?  That has what this last month has been for me.  But it's finally over...let's hope!  Things should be back to normal this week and hopefully the rest of this school year.  I just wanted to drop in and say yes I am still here and I do plan on sharing lots of activities that are going on in our class this year.  Believe it or not we are learning!!  Even though I have no photographic evidence to prove it!  I also wanted to share that I have finished my Thanksgiving centers packet and it is posted on TPT!  Click the image below to check it out!