Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year (A Little Late)!

Happy New Year!  Hey....better late than never right.  I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable break.  I took my son Parker to Disney World for a week without the hubby.  And while we did have lots of fun....a toddler and a 6 month pregnant mommy waking up at 4:45 every morning for early park entry was exhausting.  Needless to say I will never make that trip without my sweet husband ever again!!  I spent the rest of the break in bed recovering which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Our kids started back on the 9th and we have been busy testing ever since.  I love seeing how much my sweet babies have grown over the semester.  We do still have LOTS of work to do though.  We should finish up testing this week and by my count that gives me 10 school weeks before I'm off for maternity leave.  I am so excited to meet our sweet Kinley but it's always so hard to leave at that time in the year.  I know they will be in good hands though.

With all the testing we've been doing, I haven't managed to snap too many pictures but I did grab a few shots of this adorable activity we did during our short week back.

I got this precious idea from Cara Carroll over at The First Grade Parade.  Click here to see her post and check out some of her New Year freebies!

Here are some of the packets we will be working from over the next few weeks!  Click the images below to check them out!

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