Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let's Talk About Weight and a FREEBIE!

Oh no not mine!  Especially now that I'm in my third trimester!  We're talking measurement! Our entire 4th six weeks is dedicated to measurement....minus next week where we take a short break to celebrate the 100th day!  Last week we were focused on comparing objects according to their weight.  This is one of my favorite units and the kids had a blast with it.  I snapped some pictures from a couple of our activities.

The first day we did an activity from AIMS called Balancing Beanie Babies.  The kids started out my making their own beanie baby.  I gave them some pantyhose, a tub of beans and a spoon and set the timer for 5 minutes.  They filled their pantyhose with as many beans as they could before time was up.  I then tied of their beanie babies and they were ready to measure.

Here the kids are filling up their pantyhose with beans.  

Once their beanie babies were finished the goal was to use the balance and compare their beanie baby to objects in the classroom.  They were looking for an object that was lighter, heavier and the same as their beanie baby.  Here are some of their findings...

We also explored classroom objects and compared them according to their weight.  Students were looking for the object that was heavier and circled it on their recording sheet.

For this activity we used a box of chalk instead of an individual piece.

Click the image below to download the recording sheet!

We continue our measurement unit this week as we explore capacity.  Have a wonderful week!

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