Sunday, February 16, 2014

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha!

We just wrapped up our dental health unit this week and boy did we have fun!  We talked a lot about the importance of brushing and taking care of our teeth and even had a visit from a dental hygienist!

The first day we read several books about brushing our teeth and the importance of going to the dentist.  The kids then got to practice "brushing their teeth" with a toothbrush and white paint.


At the end of first day we prepped our experiment for Day 2.  I showed the kids a set of hard-boiled eggs and told them to pretend that the eggs were their teeth.  We placed them in a couple jars and filled the jars with soda.  I asked to the kids to predict what they thought would happen to their "teeth" if we let them sit in the soda all night.  

The next day we took out the eggs to see that the soda had stained them brown.  We discussed the importance of limiting the amount of soda, tea, coffee we drink so this doesn't happen to our actual teeth!  I then gave each table an egg and a set of of toothbrushes.  

They got a chance to brush their egg with toothpaste to remove the stains.

At the end they were able to see that brushing their "teeth" removed the stains caused by the soda.

Our Day 3 experiment was called "Plaque Attack."  The purpose was for the students to understand what could happen to their teeth if they did not brush them regularly and allowed plaque to build up.  We placed two raw eggs in a jar of vinegar and let it sit overnight.

The kids made a prediction about what they thought would happen to the "teeth" and recorded it on their recording sheet.  The next day we took out the eggs and observed the changes.

The students were able to see that the outer shell of the egg had been "eaten" away by the vinegar.  We talked about how brushing our teeth regularly keeps the plaque from eating away at the layers of their teeth.  We them completed their recording sheet by drawing a picture of their conclusion and writing a sentence to summarize the experiment.

The following day we talked about how healthy eating and drinking habits helps take care of our teeth.  The students then got to sort healthy vs. non-healthy foods and sort them onto either the healthy tooth or the cavity tooth.

If you are interested in any of these experiments or activities, they are available in my Keep On Brushin' packet.  Click on the image below to see the unit in my TPT store!

Happy Sunday!

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