Friday, September 23, 2016

Dollar Tree Find and Station Freebie!

Hey sweet blog friends!  I swear at some point I will quit neglecting this little piece of cyberspace and start posting regularly again.  I did want to pop in to share a little goodie I stumbled across in the Dollar Store today.  My original plan was to pick up some construction-themed toys for our data dig on Wednesday (a theme makes everything better right!?).  Well I quickly became distracted when I saw these little beauties in the Halloween section!

Being a math coach, when I see anything in a ten frame I have to snatch it up.  I came up with 3 different station activities that could be used with it and tried them out in one of our precious kinder classes today!  They were a hit so I'm sharing with you!

Counting Seeds

To play this game, students turn over a card and fill their ten frame with the correct number of "pumpkin seeds".  They then record their number on their recording sheet and color the ten frame to match.

Fill the Frame

To play this version, students turn over a number card, fill their ten frame with the correct number of "pumpkin seeds", and then shade the blank ten frame to match their number.  Students then count the number of pumpkin seeds needed to make 10 and record this number on their recording sheet.

Count and Compare

To play this game, students will need a partner.  Each person turns over a number card and fills their ten frame with the correct number of "pumpkin seeds".  They record their number and their partner's number on the ten frames on their recording sheet.  One person spins the spinner on the more/less scarecrow.  If the spinner lands on more, the person with the larger number wins.  If the spinner lands on less, the person with the small number wins.  Each person will circle either "My Number"  or "My Partner's Number" on their recording sheet to indicate the winner.

Click the image below to download these freebies!  My hope is to start a series called Dollar Store Math where I show you how to turn dollar store goodies into quality math stations.  The "pumpkin seeds" I used for this activity are just the red and white bean counters like the ones listed here.  You could substitute with another manipulative of your choice. 

Leave a comment and let me know some other ways you could use these in the classroom!

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