Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hello my sweet blogger friends!  I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed spending time with your family and friends.  I enjoyed 5 glorious days off from work.....thank you very much Time Equivalency days!  That was something new our district started a couple years ago and it has been amazing.  It's amazing the difference having two extra days off can make.  I certainly didn't accomplish much that's for sure.  My house is still a mess.  My Christmas decorations are only half-way done.  But I did enjoy not setting an alarm clock every day and having no real agenda....that was nice!  Did any of you brave the crowds for some Black Friday shopping??  Our alma mater had a football game Thursday night against LSU so that's where my husband and I spent our evening.  Although fighting the crowds may have been much more enjoyable than the outcome of the football game.  Ohh the joys of being an Aggie fan.  Although, I didn't really need to get out in the craziness because I hit up a lot of pre-Black Friday sales on Wednesday and Thursday online.  I got everything I wanted and didn't have to battle it out with the other crazy mamas.  No worries if you missed out on the Black Friday goodies because Cyber Monday is tomorrow!  And with it comes some pretty sweet deals!  If you've been waiting to snag some great activities for the is the time to move those wish lists items into your cart!  Everything in my store is on sale Monday and Tuesday!  Don't forget to use the promo code CYBER2016 to get up to 28% savings!  I have lots of great units available for the Christmas and winter season.  Click on the image below to check them out in my TPT store!  Happy Shopping!